Top 10 Best Bathroom Trash Cans With Lids in 2021 Reviews

It’s trash talk time! Hey, don’t be alarmed; it is not the kind you find on those celebrity channels. Actually, our aim is to help you improve your home’s safety and improve hygiene levels. Do so, with the best bathroom trash cans with lids. Unlike the traditional trash cans, these wastebaskets are functional and come in modern design to meet your personal taste. All versatile, these models deliver modern technology and sophistication, which make them stand out. They are also secure and quite affordable too!

So which is the best model from the multitudinous models available? After in-depth analysis and comparison, we narrowed down our choice to the following 10 Best bathroom trash cans with lids.

List of  the Best Bathroom Trash cans With Lids


Simplehuman 1.2 Gallon Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Key Features: Strong steel step pedal, Removable inner bucket, 1.2 Gallon capacity, and Fingerprint-proof coating


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GLAD GLD-74507 Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Key Features: 20 Gallon capacity, Clorox odor protection, Rear bag compartment and Soft-close lid

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PENGKE Slim Plastic Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Key Features : 9 Liter/2.4 Gallon capacity, simple and elegant appearance, Double-Layer Plastic Trash Can, and attractive design

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H+LUX Rectangular Bathroom Trash Cans with Lids

Key Features: Stay-Open Lid, Fingerprint-Proof Coating, Durable Steel Pedal, and Removable Inner Bin

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KOHLER K-20957-STW Trash Can With Lid

Key Features: Fingerprint-proof finish, Durable metal foot pedal, Stays cleaner longer and Non-skid bottom

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Dublin Small Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Key Features: Carefully sized to save on space, Withstand the humid condition, Useful removable lid, and Ample capacity

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NINESTARS CB-SOT Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Key Features: Advanced Technology, Fingerprint resistant, Non-skid base, and Durable base pedal

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AmazonBasics Rectangle Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Key Features: Quiet, Soft-Close Lid, Heavy-duty plastic interior bucket,Fingerprint-proof,and smudge-resistant

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Simplehuman 58 Liter Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Key Features: Nano-silver fingerprint-proof coating,Strong steel pedal, secure liner rim, and Silent close lid

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ITouchless 13 Gallon Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

Key Features: 100 Percent touchless, Extra-long battery life, Larger Capacity per Inch and Space-Saving Design

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#10: ITouchless 13 Gallon Bathroom Trash Can with Lid 

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Why should you buy it?

Who doesn’t appreciate a technologically advanced house, Gadget? Well, the iTouchless stainless trash can come with is an excellent choice for tech-savvy and germophobes. It comes with decent automatic features, odor control, and hygienic way to empty your trash.

Why should you mask your smelly garbage with messy baking soda and fragrances when you can eliminate them? The iTouchless trash can with lid comes with a versatile carbon filter gate that eliminated and removes the toughest odors. At the same time, oversized and smelly garbage doesn’t stand a chance thanks to the ample storage space. This model comes with an extra-wide opening that lets it accommodates larger debris.

Germs lurk everywhere! To save you from contacting any of these harmful micro-organisms, this model comes with infrared sensor technology. This advanced innovation automatically opens the lid whenever you need to put the trash. By so doing, you don’t have to touch the lid. This makes it one of the best hygienic models in the markets. Equally important, this model comes with an advanced filter that neutralizes the odors effectively. Besides, this model comes with a non scented and environmentally friendly deodorizer. This makes it not only safe for pets but also for your kids! What’s more, thanks to the high capacity battery, you don’t have to worry about having to replace the battery more often.

Special Features:

  • 100 Percent touchless
  • Extra-long battery life
  • Larger Capacity per Inch
  • Replaceable AbsorbX Odor Filter
  • Hygienic and convenient choice
  • No expensive custom bags required
  • Beautiful Stainless Steel
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Relies on a battery

#9: Simplehuman 58 Liter Bathroom Trash Can with Lid 

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Why should you buy it?

 Coming at an affordable price and generous storage space, this trash cans with lid is a perfect pick for people who do not love emptying their trash every now and then. Plus, it is made by one of the most popular brands on the market!

For your bathroom or kitchen, the simplehuman stainless steel trash can comes in a simple yet functional design, which accommodates all your trash securely. Better still, this model looks clean and presentable wherever you place it. From keeping your toiletries private or discarding your shopping wrappings, this models operate smoothly in your kitchen or bathroom. Plus, we love the dual compartment that enables you to sort your recyclable and trash efficiently. Notably, this model comes with a stainless steel liner rim, which allows for an easy trash bag change. Better still, the rim securely holds down the garbage line at the same time keeping it hidden.

Don’t waste your time rushing back to find your trash bags. This model comes with a convenient liner pocket, which keeps your trash bag within reach. Also, different from other models, this trash can comes with a quiet and gentle closing lid. This eliminates the annoying loud noise or banging that is popular with other bathroom trash cans with lids. More importantly, it features a nano-silver coat that prevents the reproduction of microbes. The finish also prevents fingerprint smudges, keeping the exterior shiny and spotless.

 Special Features:

  • Nano-silver fingerprint-proof coating
  • Strong steel pedal
  • A neat and secure liner rim
  • Dual compartments for trash and recycling
  • Silent close lid
  • Dual Compartments
  • Silent Close Lid
  • Durable stainless steel step pedal
  • Relatively big for a small bathroom

#8: AmazonBasics Rectangle Bathroom Trash Can with Lid 

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Why should you buy it?

With a slim design and durable stainless steel construction, the AmazonBasics trash can is an ideal addition for every home or office. It boasts of a modern, compact, and decent capacity, which not only keeps the waste neatly enclosed but also keeps the odor from escaping

It is one thing to keep your trash efficiently contained and letting everyone know that you have dumpster that you need to dispose of in your bathroom. By combining a modern style and space-saving design, this trash keeps your waste adequately contained. It boasts of stainless steel construction that has a finger resistant design. This ensures a clean exterior even when it is full. Better yet, the stainless steel exterior maintains a minimal and attractive look that blends well with any modern interior.

Emptying your trash is often a messy exercise. Luckily, for you, this model comes with a manual foot lever and soft close lid, which enable you, hands-free convenience? Similarly, it features a compact, space-saving design. This makes it not only a great choice for your bathroom but also ideal for kitchens, office or laundry room. Moreover, it has a heavy-duty plastic removable bucket in the interior. This bucket makes the disposal exercise even simpler. What’s more, this model has a stay open model, which makes replacing or removing the liners effortless.

Special Features:

  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Quiet, Soft-Close Lid
  • Heavy-duty plastic interior bucket
  • Fingerprint-proof, smudge-resistant
  • Space-saving design fits into tight areas
  • Impressive 10-liter capacity
  • Slim Design, modern and attractive
  • Removable bucket ensures convenient waste disposal
  • While the custom Trash bags are not included, it accommodates most standard bags

#7: NINESTARS CB-SOT Bathroom Trash Can with Lid 

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Why should you buy it?

Why settle for one while you can get two trash cans with lid for a price of one? The NINESTARS combo gives you two cans. This makes it an excellent choice for people with two bathrooms. Use the smaller one for your master bedroom and the other larger model for your guest/family bathroom.

Made from high-end stainless steel materials with fingerprint-resistant, these best trash cans with lids stay clean and stylish. The stainless steel exterior makes it a durable choice when compared to the plastic models. In the same breath, this model is equipped with a soft close lid technology. This eliminates the annoying banging sound that is synonymous with traditional stainless steel cans.

Additionally, this model comes with a non-skid base. This ensures that it stays in place when stepping on the pedals. Talking of the pedals, it worth mentioning that this unit comes with solid pedals at the bottom. This allows for hands-free trash removal and placement. Equally important, the can comes with a removable bucket. The bucket liner holds the trash bag secure, keeping it from overhanging. Not to mention, it facilitates easy emptying and a neat, clean appearance.

Special Features:

  • Advanced Technology
  •  Made from durable 430 stainless steel
  •  Fingerprint resistant
  •  Non-skid base
  • Durable base pedal
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Comes with a removable bucket liner
  • Very lightweight
  • NINESTARS custom trash bags sold separately

#6:  Dublin Small Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

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Why should you buy it?

Stylish, modern, and functional, – the Dublin trash can is designed for individuals with a discerning taste and appreciate a timeless décor. This trash can accentuates your bathroom with a metallic-looking sheen, rich coffee hue, and a striking mix of sharp accents.

From a contemporary, industrial to rustic décor, the Dublin trash can with a lid brings a perfect blend of style and seamless elegance. Relish in it an unrivaled epitome of quality. Forget having to deal with decorative that lose their luster and rust in no time. Boasting of premium design, this model requires minimal maintenance and delivers an expensive feel and look

Even better, this model comes at a reasonable price. Despite the impressive design, this model is carefully sized to offer decent storage while still saving space. Notably, the can is made from durable materials that withstand the humid conditions in your bathroom. Another main selling point is the removable lid. Never leave your waste exposed! With a removable lid, this unit keeps your trash secure and prevents the odor from escaping.

Special Feature:

  • Carefully sized to save on space
  • Withstand the humid condition
  • Useful removable lid
  • Striking mix of color and design
  • No more rust
  • Suits any décor
  • Ample capacity
  • Decorative Accessories
  • Needs constant emptying

#5: KOHLER K-20957-STW  Trash Can With  Lid

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Why should you buy it?

Believe you me; dumpsters can be beautiful, hard to believe? Wait until you meet this stainless steel can trash from Kohler. It comes in a rectangular with gently rounded edges and luxurious, smudge-resistant white finish. Better still, its compact design doesn’t compromise its capacity. With a 13lbs capacity, this unit is not only ideal for your bathroom but also your kitchen.

Featuring a thoughtful design and smart functionality, this trash can will not only simplify your daily routine but also meet your house’s style demands. Unlike other trash cans that are bulky for its size, this model comes with a Slim, elongated footprint. This makes it a perfect choice for small spaces. Notably, this model also comes with a fingerprint-resistant finish. Therefore, it resists smudges, which are frequent on other trash cans, especially when disposing of the waste. Also important, the elongated design fits most grocery bags and contains odors well.

This trash also comes with a sturdy foot pedal. This allows for hands-free operation while the slow closing lid eliminates the annoying banging noise when closing the lid. Another notable feature that comes with this model is the raised liner and rim lock. With these features, bag changes have never been easier. More importantly, this model fits snugly on a cabinet door. This lets you tuck away compost ready trash, and other refuse.

 Special Features:

  • Slim, elongated footprint
  • Removable liner with built-in tabs
  •  Fingerprint-proof finish
  •  Durable metal foot pedal
  • Stays cleaner longer
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Stay open lid
  • Hands-free operation
  • Few finishes

#4: PENGKE Slim Plastic Bathroom Trash Can with Lid 

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Why should you buy it?

Metal trash cans are great; however, they are often a letdown when it comes to a modern and classy look. Unlike the metal cans, the PENGKE trash can with a lid is made of durable PP materials. It also boasts of a sophisticated design, which adds instant charm to your bathroom. Equally, this unit has an innovative top press lid, which makes it easy to throw garbage.

Complete your trash experience with this functional yet stylish trash can. Despite the attractive looks, this model also features a compact design that fits in corners or against a wall. Better still, with a standalone design and exquisite look, it also fits well in plain sight but out of the way. Another reason why you might opt for this model is that it is available in various attractive and unique finishes. Plus, it features sturdy pedals at the bottom that doesn’t wear out easily.

Keep your pets or young kids from getting into the trash, thanks to the side lock. This feature also keeps your dumpster contained, in case you knock the bin accidentally. Easy to use, you simply need to press the lid button to open and close it. Additionally, when compared to other trash cans, this model also comes with a double layer design. this design conceals the garbage bag, making the trash to look more clean and elegant.

Special Features:

  • 9 Liter/2.4 Gallon capacity
  • simple and elegant appearance
  • Double-Layer Plastic Trash Can
  • Modern Wastebasket with top press lid
  • Slim, compact, and attractive design
  • Moderate Capacity
  • Perfect for any Room
  • Easy to Use
  • While it is durable, it can’t match metal cans toughness

#3: H+LUX Rectangular Bathroom Trash Cans with Lids

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Why should you buy it?

Nothing is disappointing than trying to realign a garbage bag when it falls into a trash can. But no worries, the H+LUX trash basket comes with a handy retainer ring that secures the bag in place and releases the bag easily when it is time to take the trash out. With a modern design, it is super attractive too!

Keep the waste contained adequately and add a touch of elegance to your bathroom with this soft-close trash can from H+LUX. Coming in a compact design with a decent capacity, this trash container effortlessly fits in your space. Better still, it matches well with your interior décor and other appliances thanks to its clean, minimal look. It combines a gently closing lid and a manual foot pedal for easy, hands-free convenience. Not only for your bathroom, but this model is also a perfect choice for your kitchen, laundry room, kids room, bedroom as well as the office.

This is not all; this unit also comes with an inner plastic bucket. This bucket is easily removable when disposing of the trash. With a mysterious black finish, this trash can is elegant. We also love the slim, compact design, which fits easily in a narrow corner. This lets you utilize the dead space efficiently. Equally important, this model comes with nonslip rubber pads that secure it in place while the stay-open lid features add to your convenience.

 Special Features:

  • Stay-Open Lid
  • Fingerprint-Proof Coating
  • Durable Steel Pedal
  • Removable Inner Bin
  • The lid closes quietly and gently
  • Decent 5L capacity
  • simple, modern and affordable
  • solid construction
  • limited color options

#2: GLAD GLD-74507 Bathroom Trash Can with Lid 

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Why you should buy it ?

Because size matters, the GLAD GLD-74507 trash can offers you with a decent 20-gallon capacity. This lets you starch up to 50 percent more trash than most models. More capacity means that you will take fewer trips when taking the garbage out.

Recommended for a busy office or large families, this trash can holds more trash securely. Who said that you need to sacrifice your style just because you need a large trash can? Forget the oddly sized and ugly trash can and opt for this attractive model. It boasts of a rust and fingerprint resistant stainless steel construction. The superb construction makes it a perfect choice for high traffic areas. Interestingly, this model also comes with a removable inner bucket and a handy foot level. So, don’t need to touch the lid when emptying the trash.

Another handy feature is the Clorox protection. Notably, this is one of the few trash cans that offers antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes odor. Equally, it comes with a bag compartment convenience that easily dispenses the trash bag whenever you need to replace one. Keep that trash bag out for a clean and neat look! This model comes with a bag ring that keeps the trash bag not only secure but also out of sight. Furthermore, this model comes with a convenient step operation and a gently closing lid.

Special Features:

  • 20 Gallon capacity
  • Clorox odor protection
  • Rear bag compartment
  • Soft-close lid
  • Has a Fingerprint-resistant exterior
  • Inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • Quiet lid closure
  • High-end appearance
  • Might be too big for a small bathroom

#1: Simplehuman 1.2 Gallon Bathroom Trash Can with Lid 

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Why should you buy it?

Ingenuity at its best; the Simplehuman stainless steel trash can is a perfect pick for your office washrooms or home bathrooms. With a compact, classic round design, this Wastebasket is a practical choice for areas with limited spaces.

Need a compact, practical trash can for your bathroom? This model from Simplehuman is not only great for its attractive look but its impressive functionality. Crafted from brushed stainless steel, this model comes with a pleasant fingerprint-proof exterior and a handy steel pedal. It also includes a removable inner liner that collects any leaks, making trash removal easy. Better still, the stainless steel exterior prevents smearing of germs as well as keeping the surface looking shiny and spotless.

Unlike other models that come with a plastic foot pedal, it has a superior steel pedal that withstands more than 150,000 steps. This allows for a hands-free operation, improving your family’s hygiene. The lid Shox technology also ensures a quiet lid closure eliminating the awful loud noise that is synonymous with other cheaply constructed products. What’s more, it is available in multiple finishes!

 Special Features:

  • Strong steel step pedal
  • Removable inner bucket
  • Four liter\1.2 Gallon capacity
  • Fingerprint-proof coating

  • Silent close lid Compact size
  • Extra-strong and durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Nothing that we could find

 How to Choose the Best Bathroom Trash cans With Lids -Buyer’s Guide

When maintaining safety and cleaning in your bathroom, choosing the best trash cans with lids is crucial. Placing an available trash can in your master bathroom, kids bathroom, and that one of your guests ensures a healthy and favorable bathroom environment. While a standard bathroom trash can may do the trick, they are often ineffective, especially in a household with kids. This is where the best trash cans with lids come in.


Obviously, you will need a bathroom trash can that lasts for long. Such models will deliver efficient waste management in your home. Let us look at some of the other features that you should consider when selecting a trash can with a lid for your bathroom.

 Volume and compatibility

Well, when it comes to picking the right volume, it will depend on the number of people who use the bathroom. A 2-4 liter capacity trash can will perfectly do in a master bedroom. If your kids share a common bathroom, opt for models with at least 5-liter capacity. The latter also goes well for a guest bathroom. The reason why we recommend a smaller model for a master bedroom is that you will often find time to empty it. However, you might forget doing so for other bathrooms. In terms of compatibility, you need to check the size, where to place it, and the color.

 Ease of handling

Handling trash is a messy affair. Therefore, you need something that allows for easy handling. This involves how secure the trash is and eases of disposing of the garbage. First, we recommend going for a model with a removable seal or bucket. This makes it easier to take out the trash instead of hauling the whole trash can. Next, go for a model with hands-free operation. Luckily, most of the trash cans have a foot lever that enables you to toss in the trash without touching the lid. For the tech-savvy users, we recommend the units with touchless technology, which opens automatically when you approach it. Additionally, if you have kids or pets, a model with a lock keeps the children from spilling the trash all over the place.

 Style and design

Bathroom Trash cans don’t have to be ugly! You don’t need something that shouts hey put trash here. Instead, selecting a can that maintains a clean and neat look goes well for your modern bathroom. Here we recommend going for trash cans with stainless steel. Besides being adaptable to the bathroom environment, the best trash cans with lids have a fingerprint-resistant surface, which ensures an attractive and shiny look.


Bathroom Trash Cans With Lids Maintenance Tips

No matter how many times you empty your trash can, you will need to clean them periodically. Below are some crucial trash cans with lids maintenance tips.

  • Keeps the trash can out of the way

Well, the primary reason for selecting  the best trash cans with lids is to keep the trash securely locked away. However, you cannot place it at your bathroom doorstep. Another common mistake is putting it behind the door. A simple door bang may damage the trash can prematurely. We recommend placing the bin in a corner or against a wall.

  • Attention to Cleaning

While most bathroom trash cans come with a bucket or a seal that traps the spills, you should make a point of cleaning the trash can itself at least once a week. This will prevent the spreading of harmful micro-organism and inhibits the growth of mold or mildew.

  •  Maintain a consistent emptying schedule

While most of the bathroom waste might not be organic, when left for a long time, it will stink eventually. Make it a habit to empty your bathroom trash cans whenever you take your kitchen trash out.


While it might an overstatement stating that selecting the best trash cans with lids is an art, the right selection and maintenance are crucial. With our best bathroom trash cans with lids, your bathroom will not only stay cleaner but also look great. Each o the selected models are durable and easy to operate. Choose one today, and things will be better!

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