Top 8 Best LGA 1155 CPUs for Gaming in 2021 Reviews

LGA 1155 CPU is the best CPUs for gamers. To assist you to find the best brands, we have the listed best LGA 1155 CPU for Gaming. Check here.

Gamers have a difficult decision to make. What is the best LGA 1155 CPU for their gaming needs? The central processing unit or CPU is the most important component in your PC system. This is because it is the unit that instructs the hardware to function and software to run. The performance of your computer applications such as games and video software depends on the central processing unit. And to keep your computer working flawlessly, you need to get the best processor.

Nonetheless, there are many LGA 1155 CPUs on the market, and it can be difficult for you to choose the best product. To help you to select the best LGA 1155 CPU, we have listed the top 10 best LGA 1155 CPUs in 2021. So what’s the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming? Let’s take a look at them:

Why do We like it?

For those looking for the best of the best in terms of gaming and handling other demanding applications, the Intel Core i7-3770K LGA 1155 CPU for Gaming serves you right. Boasting of a base speed of 3.6 GHz and turbo unlocked speeds of up to 5.0GHz; this is one of the fastest mainstream CPUs available today.


  • Speed: 3.50GHz
  • Cores: 4 cores / 8 threads
  • Cache: 8 MB
  • TDP: 77W

If you are looking for the perfect blend of power efficiency and performance, look no further. Having been built on market-leading technology, this state-of-the-art processor brings excellent performance in terms of turbo boost technology, hyperactive threading technology, and smart cache. Even better, the 9900k processor also pushes its boundaries to bring groundbreaking 3Dtransistor technology that offers unrivaled performance. This is not all; below are some of the other notable features that come with this model.

Product features

Hyper-Threading technology and Turbo Boost 2.0 technologies

This is a four-core processor, which integrates turbo boost 2.0 technology and Hyper-threading technology. This allows it to deliver unparalleled performance and other vital refinements. First, these features allow for increased performance in multitasking as well as enhanced graphics. Also, its unlocked multiplier also pushes the performance to a new level.

Evolved Graphics

The inbuilt visual is another major leap that delivers enhanced graphics and media. This model combines both clear video HD technology and quick sync video 2.0. Both these features bring a compelling user experience. From video surveillance, medical imaging, gaming to HD media playback, this processor ensures a smooth experience. Additionally, this unit also supports DirectX 11 as well as OpenCL 1.1. This enables it to deliver interactive gameplay as well as a great heterogeneous computing performance.

 Intel Smart Cache

Additionally, this processor features a large smart cache that allows for dynamic and efficient performance. The system ensures smart allocation of the shared cache to all the cores, ensuring fast and efficient data manipulation and storage.

Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)

This newly developed 256-bit instruction SSE extension is designed to boost your processor’s capability in running multiple commands. This extension boosts the processor performance thanks to the wider vector, which ensures better data management. Moreover, this extension also boosts the performance for general-purpose applications such as scientific simulation, video processing, financial analytics, as well as 3D modeling.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Better gaming performance
  • Decent multithreading
  • Evolved Graphics
  • None

Why do We like it? The 12Intel Core i7-2600 LGA 1155 CPU has excellent potential for high gaming power and speed. It can crank speeds of up to 3.4 GHz and can handle any type of game that you would like to play.


  • Cores: 4
  • Frequency: 3.4 GHz
  • Cache: 6 MB
  • Wattage: 95W

If you’re looking for an affordable LGA 1155 CPU for Gaming that offers incredible performance, then you should get this renewed Processor from Amazon Renewed. It boasts 4 cores, meaning that you will never worry about your computer lagging when playing games. Apart from gaming, this CPU can also handle other tasks such as transcoding, video editing, video streaming, and much more. This 1155 CPU is really fast, with a 3.4 GHz processing speed. Moreover, it is capable of running the latest games versions with low and medium graphics. Another great thing about this LGA 1155 CPU for gaming is that it can work for long hours without overheating. It is also straightforward to install on your machine.

  • Supports up to 4K resolution
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Has fantastic gaming performance
  • It is straightforward to install on the computer
  • Renewed but works as new

Why do We like it?

Even if you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to deal with substandard performance. Upgrade your PC with this renewed Core i7 3770 processor and enjoy an engaging gaming experience. More than just excellent graphics, this CPU also brings your 22nm process that brings decent improvements on 2D performance.


  • CPU Speed: 3.4 GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • Cache: 8MB
  •  TDP: 77 watts

With the advanced 22nm process combined with hyperthreading technology, this 3rd generation brings your PC dramatic performance gain while still saving energy. This renewed processor comes with a superior 4000 HD graphics chip that has more horsepower. Thanks to the advanced design, this LGA 1155 CPU also supports DDR3 and features turbo boost 2.0 technologies, among other rich sets of features.

Product features

Intel Revolutionary 22nm transistors technology

This is one of the latest LGA processors that comes above-average performance. First, these third generations, Ivy bridge processor, brings unprecedented power efficiency and performance. It features multiple channels that are interconnected through a vertical fin for an enhanced total drive. This 2nm transistor technology also delivers up to a 37 percent boost on low voltage.

 Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

Notably, this model also offers your PC greater automatic speeds. The turbo boost 2.0 technologies allow the processor to run faster, allowing it to tackle-demanding applications more quickly.

Hyperactive threading technology

Modern games are memory intensive. Even more, they demand a power-efficient CPU that runs commands concurrently. Upgrading your PC with this CPU means no more drag or delayed response. Equally, this model delivers thread-level parallelism that ensures more processing output.

Intel Smart Cache

Get more from your computer with the latest Smart cache feature. This technology allocates the shared cache to the four cores depending on the prevalent workload. Doing this boosts the overall efficiency. In layman’s language, by subdividing the task, the latency for user data is reduced significantly. This enables the computer to perform a set of commands much faster.

  • Powerful and Energy efficient
  • Comes with Intel’s smart cache
  • Ideal for demanding applications
  • It has high-end inbuilt graphics
  • While it has only four cores, it performs diligently to complete most tasks

If you are searching for a powerful CPU that comes with a good price, then Intel Core i5-2400 LGA 1155 CPU is your ultimate choice. This CPU consumes less power, making you spend less on electricity bills. It features 4 threads, clock frequency of about 3.1GHz making it fast and dominant in the gaming sector. Settling on this will make you overclock the CPU and advance it to the clock frequency of 3.4 GHz. It has a single-thread performance that outperforms other brands that are in the market.

While the Intel Core i5-2400 LGA 1155 CPU might not be the latest, surprisingly it outshines the new brands today. This CPU can still be used for high-end graphics mechanisms because of its high performance. Not to mention, this unit comes with advanced graphics, which allows for competitive gameplay.


  • TDP: 95 watts
  • Clock frequency: 3.1GHz
  • Cache: 6MB
  • Weight: 0.32ounces
  • Dimension: 4.5 by 4 by 3.2-inches
  • Inexpensive and very reliable
  • It uses little power
  • Heat ups less even after a long period of usage
  • It has great integrated graphics
  • It has no hyper-trending skill but is still cheap

Why do We like it?

The Intel Core i5-2500 Quad-Core Processor is designed for individuals who are looking to update their current rig or cut their budget on a new PC build. This processor comes with the latest set of features and graphics. With these features, you can competitively play the latest games without looking for an expensive Video card.


  • CPU speed: 3.3 GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • Cache: 6 MB
  • TDP: 95

While it is part of the 2nd gen Intel core processors, this CPU delivers unprecedented performance and speed. Designed for hardcore gamers, graphic design, and everyday office tasks, this LGA 1155 CPU is suits your needs perfectly. This quad-core processor has a maximum 3.3 GHz speed and comes with other advanced features that are hard to find on other models in a similar price tag.

Product features


If you are looking for enhancing speed and computing products, the Intel Core i5- 2500 will not disappoint you. This model boasts of four processor cores that run at 3.30 GHz and, it couples a 6MB cache that is allocated dynamically in each core depending on the workload. This helps in reducing the latency, boosting the overall performance. Equally, this model also comes with superior vector extensions that boost the overall performance for an intensive application, including audio codecs as well as video editing.

 Turbo Boost

Next, this processor comes backed with the Turbo boost 2.0 technology. This technology ensures an automatic speed boost when the PC is handling demanding performance. The technology is uniquely designed to heighten the frequency of the CPU by taking advantage of both power and thermal headroom. This results in adaptive performance, which is not only energy efficient but also intelligent.

Decent Built-In Visuals

Equally, this model brings advanced visual that delivers rich and steady graphics. This results in improved visuals, especially when playing games or in graphics design. With this processor, you don’t need to install discreet graphics cards. Equally important, with this model, you get to experience sharp images and rich colors. Its HD graphics also deliver excellent 3D performance for the immersive gaming experience. What’s more, this model also boasts other advanced features such as Intel In Tru-3D that ensures 1080p resolution video output through the HDMI.

Intel Virtualization Technology

In the same breath, we love the visualization technology that creates several virtual environments. With this functionality, you can now manage several activities without isolating them in separate partitions.

  • Optimized for Energy Efficiency
  • Provide Rich, Steady Graphics
  • Impressive overclocking abilities
  • Ideal for streaming and multitasking
  • None

Why do We like it?

Why spend a fortune purchasing a new computer when you only need to give your old-timer a little boost? The Core i5-3470 LGA CPU gives your computer instant expanded capabilities. This third-generation processor gives your PC higher speed and improved visuals. This allows it to adapt to your needs.


  • CPU Speed: 3.4 GHz
  •  Cores: 4
  • Cache: 6 MB
  •  TDP: 77 W

Rediscover what is possible with your renewed computer. Whether it is gaming, graphic design, or video editing, this model will suit your needs. This lga 1155 best CPU isn’t the newest in the market. In fact, it was released back in 2012 and worked based on the Bridge technology. It comes with four cores, with each core having a clock speed of 3.4 GHz. Does it sound like something that you would want? Read on to find more about this product.

Product features

22nm technology

One of the features that make this model stand out is the 22nm technology. Unlike the previous model that featured 32nm technology, this processor has Intel’s 32nm tri-gate transistor that enables heightened performance and energy efficiency.

Ivy Bridge architecture

As mentioned, the Core i5-3570K is based on the Ivy Bridge architecture. It features four cores that have a base of 3.4GHz but increases the clock rates with a turbo boost to reach 3.6GHz. Another notable feature that comes with this model is the unlocked multiplier that allows for easy overclocking.

Built to handle multitasking

The Ivy Bridge architecture is an improved version of the sandy bridge with enhanced CPU and GPU performance. Unlike the sandy bridge, which had clocked cores, this model boasts of unlocked cores, allowing for multitasking? In the same breath, this unit also integrates DDR3-1600 support and PCI Express 3.0.

 Great overall performance

As you might expect, this CPU offers better overall performance when compared to the clocked sandy bridge processors. It also provides significantly higher performance per thread, although it has fewer cores than the high-end AMD processors. Therefore, this LGA 1155 CPU is still a bit faster to handle most applications

  • Exceptional multi-core performance
  • Very powerful supports hyperthreading
  • Brazing heat conduction technology
  • Impressive overclocking capabilities
  • High price but worth every penny

Why do We like it?

For ultimate multitasking, the Intel Core i7-3770 is an undisputable leader. This model boasts of a massive quad-core and eight threads. Besides, with its LGA 1155 socket compatibility, this model is an ideal choice for ardent overclockers, hardcore gamers, and anyone who requires a PC that handles extreme multitasking.


  • CPU Speed: 3.4 GHz
  • Cache: 8 MB
  • Cores: 4
  • TDP: 77W

The Intel Core i7-3770 is a genuine processor built to handle demanding applications. This quad-core CPU has a speed of 3.4 GHz, and an impressive 3.9GHz overclock. This makes it a perfect choice for multitasking, streaming, and gaming. In the same breath, this CPU is a handy upgrade for people who are into graphic design, video codec, and much more.

Product features

Revolutionary 22nm technology

Being part of the third-gen processor, the 22nm transistor technology is a welcome advance. This technology plays a crucial role in optimizing your computer’s performance while still consuming less energy. Unlike the predecessor, this model increases the computer performance by up to 37 percent at 50 percent less power consumption.

Turbo Boost Technology

More energy-efficient, intelligent, and dynamic than its predecessor, this model boasts turbo 2.0 boost technology. This technology enables the processor to accelerate the speed automatically to handle more demanding applications. At the same time, auto acceleration doesn’t translate to more energy consumption. The processor is still able to run multiple commands concurrently without taking too much energy.

Integrated Memory Controller

Notably, this lga 1155 best CPU also features an integrated memory controller that is compatible with two channels of either 1600MHz or DDR3 memory. This results in a bandwidth of up to 25.6GB per second. Better yet, this controller has lower latency offering excellent performance, especially for data-intensive applications.

Smart cache technology

Unlike the older version, the smart cache technology usually allocates cache to each processor core dynamically, depending on the running workload. By so doing, it increases the probability of each core accessing the data. This reduces the overall latency, boosting the overall performance.

  • Excellent game performance
  • Smart cache technology
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with Memory Controller for enhanced performance
  • Fewer cores but excellent overall performance

Why do We like it?
Are you looking for an instant upgrade in your computer’s gaming performance? Look no further; the Intel Core i7-2600 CPU delivers best-in-class performance for demanding gaming applications. This LGA 1155 CPU features eight ways of multitasking capability combined with an L3 cache. Better still, it couples its adaptive performance with inbuilt capabilities, bringing more intelligence to your PC.


  • CPU Speed: 3.40 GHz
  • Cache: 8 MB
  • Processor count: 4
  • TDP: 95 watt

Whether it is 3D gaming, HD media, or multitasking, this processor delivers best-class performance with headroom to spare. This model is compatible with the LGA 1155 sockets to bring you top-of-line speed which is facilitated by the Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology. Equally, this model also brings a rich set of features including advanced built-in visuals, H67 express chipset as well as high-performance inbuilt graphics. Along with these features, the below features make this model stand out.

Product features

Advanced ArchitectureForget the traditional models; this unit boasts of the new 32nm micro-architecture, which is compatible with the 2nd generation processors. This unit features a Hi-K+ metal gate processor that enables your processor to reach optimal performance at low power consumption.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

With more energy efficiency and dynamic operation when compared to the previous generation, this CPU accelerates your PC performance whenever need be. This technology enables your computer to increase the speed automatically, boosting the sped of the graphics cores and processor to exceed your expectations.

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology

Technology was something elusive but crucial in the 2nd generation processors. The LGA 1155 CPU delivers thread-level parallelism on each of its four cores, ensuring enhanced processing power and overall performance.

Built-in Visuals (with H Chipset)

Additionally, this LGA 1155 CPU for gaming brings you excellent performance in terms of visuals. This enables you to enjoy stunning visuals for a more engaging gaming experience. It also features the quick sync video and advanced vector extensions, which boosts media processing. Moreover, this model also comes with an InTru 3D technology that supports 1080 resolution over HDMI inputs.

  • Incredible speeds while still consuming less energy Very Fast
  • It comes with the Turbo 2.0 Technology.
  • Inbuilt HD 3000 Graphics
  • Hyperactive Threading with quad-core performance
  • Its onboard video lacks DirectX 11 support

How to Choose the Best LGA 1155 CPU for Gaming in 2021| Buyers Guide

Below are features that you should consider when choosing the Best LGA 1155 CPU for Gaming. These factors include

  1. Frequency

The speed of a CPU is measured in hertz. It is believed that the fast rate would lead to better performance. Likewise, in some cases, a CPU with a lower frequency would work better because of the infrastructure of the CPU. Try and find a CPU with a quicker processor to make it perform faster and efficiently.

  1. Socket Compatibility

The compatibility of a processor is a key thing concern when buying one. This ensures that the interface that is between the motherboard and the CPU is compatible. For instance, when a motherboard has been purchased, try and find a processor that can be compatible with the motherboard’s socket.

  1. Cache

A processor’s cache is the same as the memory if the CPU. This is a small amount and fast memory used for provisional storage. It allows the machine to recover the files in the CPU’s cache very fast. The bigger the processor’s cache, the more data can be stored for a faster recovery.

  1. Thermal Scheme Power

This key feature is assigned to a computer describes how much heat the processor would give off. This affects the type of cooling required for a CPU. If it does not come with a cooling system, then a device must be connected that cools it adequately. Overheating is the main risk of any computer componentry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What Does Hz Mean?

The Hz in full is hertz. This measures the given measurement of speed given to the CPU. One hertz would illustrate that it is a processor cycle per second, one kilohertz is regarded as 1000 hertz per second. Nevertheless, a frequency of 500 MHz means that the processor can cycle data at a rate of about 500,000,000 processor rotations per second.

What has the Data Bus Method Have to Do with My CPU?

A CPU’s date bus is the passage in which data is conveyed among peripheral mechanisms. This gives way for data to move between the CPU and the memory of the computer. Hard drives need a bus for loading data in the memory. However, the peripheral should function on unlike speed edge; one computer should likely have numerous bus systems. 

How Many Cores Should A Processor Need to Have?

The number of cores required in a processor depends on specific computing requirements. For instance, a six-core processor will not increase the frequency or the performance of a Microsoft Office application. Understand that Office Application would not utilize the six cores that the processor has. Moreover, study software is used to determine the number of cores to be needed and select a CPU accordingly.   


It is believed that gaming CPUs always come and go every time. The gaming CPUs are now becoming more available to the user as they were before in the other centuries. This is for the reason that Intel is in pushing CPUs, which are budget-friendly and which offer excellent and decent performance. To find the best for streaming, gaming, and video editing, you must find the best LGA 1155 CPU that will meet your desire. This will involve looking at different specifications and soberly. This is not all,  as a  gamer, I feel that I have not exhausted all the options.  If you are looking for lga 1155 best CPU the following models might suit your needs.

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