Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife Review | Buyer’s Guide

Say no to mediocre products and say hello to this cleverly designed buck knives 124 Frontiersman fixed blade knife for the best in class durability and strength
Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Knife

Every hunter, angler, and outdoor enthusiast needs a high-end knife to help them tackle various challenges in the field. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a one fit all model. True, a popular choice might meet most people needs but you need to ensure that the model that you pick suits your particular needs. Before making your decision, you need to consider various factors such as the design, construction, and functionality.

Luckily, the Buck knives 124 frontiersman fixed blade knife scores high in each of the attributes making it a good candidate for most people. With innovative design and supreme construction materials, this knife offers a solid experience that you can depend on when undertaking various applications.

Key Features:
Blade material and length420HC Steel Blade, 6.25 inches long
Overall length12 inches
Weight0.52 pounds
Handleergonomic aluminum handle
Closed lengthN/A
Locking mechanismClip point

Features and Benefits of Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife

Cleverly crafted blade

Various features determine the performance of a knife. However, the blade always takes the first priority. With a sturdy 420HC steel blade that measures roughly 6.25 inches, this knife doesn’t disappoint when it comes to solid performance and superior edge maintenance.

At slightly above 6 inches blade, this knife is neither the smallest nor the biggest but it manages to maintain the right balance between multi-purpose and portable design. Similarly, the 420HC steel construction is rated to offer superior durability and solid performance when compared to other models.

Besides the impressive construction, the blade features a satin finish that not only enhances its durability but also the look. To begin, the satin finish is corrosion resistance and non-scratch. This ensures that the knife retains a high-end look even after strenuous applications.

Whether you are an avid hunter, angler or loves the outdoor, the blade provides you with excellent performance. Additionally, this model comes with a fixed blade to ensure extra strength, razor sharpness, and a clean cut. Moreover, the blade does not only retain edge sharpness but also sharpens easily using electric or traditional stone sharpeners.

Multipurpose design

As its name indicates, this is a fixed blade knife. Forget the minute knives that are often applied to scarce outdoor activity. This model has a straight back 6.25 inches blade that ensures enhanced performance when it comes to cutting ropes, plastics, gutting small game and piercing hard surfaces.

This model also has a decent 11.75 inches overall length which is decent for multiple applications. As if this is not enough, we love the fact that the unit comes with a balanced weight of only 13.3ounces. Well, this weight might be too much for a pocket knife but once you consider the length that comes with this knife, the weight makes it feel solid and well balanced for tough applications.

✔ Exquisite, ergonomic handle

A knife’s handle often determines how it feels when using it. One of the features that you have to note is that this model comes in a simplistic handle that is easily mistaken for inefficiency. However, at a close look, outdoor enthusiasts, DIYers, and knife collectors will love every moment using this model. the model features a

Micarta handle that is well curved to ensure a firm grip for small and large hands. the handle has a rough feel that ensures a non-slip performance even with wet applications. This is not all; the handle features an aluminum pommel guard that protects your fingers from sliding.

By so doing, you never have to worry about your fingers meeting the sharp blade when piercing or exerting excessive force to cut tough materials. Moreover, this model comes with a deep choil to ensure optimal performance for people who are looking for a model they can use for strenuous applications.

Durable leather sheath

Having been made in the USA, you shouldn’t expect this model to come with any substandard part. Far from the cheaply made products sourced from China, this model comes with a high-end leather sheath. This ensures that the blade is protected from potential knocks and abrasion that may affect its edge.

Better still, the sheath also protects your fingers from the sharp edge. In the same breath, the sheath comes with various loops and fasteners that enable you to attach it to your gaming combat as well as other outfits. The sheath has a snap fastener that enables you to carry the knife safely and safely on your belt while still ensuring easy access.

Multi-purpose use

Don’t settle for less, nothing is disappointing than having a knife that doesn’t meet your needs. However, with 124 frontiersman fixed blade knife, you can have an easy time regardless of your endeavors. Designed to cater for combat, survival, outdoor as well as kitchen applications, this versatile knife enables you to tackle all your needs easily.

We love its excellent flexibility that adapts to any challenge. With a well-balanced handle, that ensures a firm and non-slip grip coupled with a balanced blade length and performance, this knife provides you with a service you can rely on for years. besides, this model has the tenacity and strength that is needed for the heaviest duty task while the sleek, sharp, and incredibly lightweight design allows you to bring it wherever you go.

  • Clever design that ensures excellent performance for various application
  • Scratch resistance and non-corrosion construction materials
  • The ergonomic handle delivers a solid and safe grip
  • Durable, multipurpose, and budget-friendly fixed blade knife
  • Slightly heavier but this gives it a solid feel for enhanced performance

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman FAQs

Q. Does this knife have a sturdy blade?

A. Yes, this model has a 420HC stainless steel that has better edge maintenance and strength than carbon steel

Q. Is the 124 frontiersman a great multipurpose knife?

A. Well this is a 100 genuine American product that is designed to offer a solid performance for years

Q. What is its weight and measurements?

A. The Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman knife weighs about 5.2 pounds and the overall length is 12 inches

Our Verdict

As one of the most celebrated American Iconic knife brands, the Buck Knives company has been with the American families through thick and thin for over a century. As expected this model brings you with state of the art technology and excellent materials to ensure that the knife meets your needs. The Bucks knives 124 frontiersman fixed blade knife delivers unmatched performance, thoughtful design, and practicality that you need for outdoor activities, kitchen application, and survival in the wilderness!

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