Ka-Bar 1282 D2 Extreme Fighting Knife Review & Buyer’s Guide

Great for combat, survival, and outdoor activities, the Ka-Bar 1282 D2 extreme fighting knife is strong and reliable knife for knife collectors & outdoor lovers
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When combat knives are concerned, few are as iconic as the Ka-Bar 1282 D2 fighting knife. This classical fighting knife has a D2 steel blade making it one of the toughest knives in fighting knives history. Besides the tough application, this lightweight knife features an elegant and practical to use design not only for fighting but also for a variety of household and outdoor activities.

The unique design combined with smart features makes it the granddaddy for not only modern military but also survival knives. This Ka-Bar 1282 D2 knife has interesting features and distinct improvements that boost its versatility and overall performance.

Key Features:
Blade material and lengthD2 steel blade, 7 inches long
Overall length11.875 inches
HandleAnodized Aluminum
Closed lengthN/A
Locking mechanismN/A

Features and Benefits of Ka-Bar 1282 D2 Extreme Fighting Knife

✔Superior blade

The Ka-Bar 1282 knife comes with a medium-length blade making it versatile to use. The blade on crafted from superior D2 steel, which ensures impressive cutting and edge retention. When compared to other steel, this one of the toughest steels that you will find. Actually, this steel is proven to have twice the cutting power of a standard carbon steel blade. Besides the tough performance, this steel retains a sharp edge for prolonged periods. This means you will never have to worry about constant sharpening.

Better still, the blade has impressive corrosion resistance and doesn’t chip regardless of the material you are cutting. Thanks to the advanced performance, this knife is ideal for various applications including fishing in saltwater, survival in the jungle as well as any outdoor activity. When it comes to the tang, this model has a stick tang design, which may be confused for weakness.

Surprisingly the tang is strong enough to take serious abuse. Even better, the Ka-Bar 1282 D2 knife has a decent overall length, which boosts its versatility, making it easy to use for multiple applications,

✔Ingenious handle and Hilt

Paring ingenious design with tough materials, the knife delivers impressive grip and control. The Kraton G handle is welcome as it ensures a non-slip performance and improved durability while still ensuring the user remains comfortable. The improved finger guard design also allows you to rest your thumb on the blade for enhanced comfort and flexibility. With this design, you can exert more pressure and have the flexibility you need when cutting or piercing.

The ergonomic handle will allow you to stab hard objects hard without the risk of the knife slipping. Additionally, the handle has rubberized grooves that ensure a slip-free performance for people with sweaty hands or using it in wet conditions.

Whether you are cutting wood, wires or meat, the handle ensures a solid performance. Additionally, the handle features a finger guard to ensure that your fingers stay safe from the sharp blade. It doesn’t matter how much pressure you exert when stabbing hard objects but the protruding finger guard ensures that your fingers don’t come into contact with the blade.

✔Well made Sheath 

Overall, this medium-sized fighting knife is built to offer you with a solid performance. However, since it doesn’t fold, there is a need to ensure that the blade is well protected. This ensures it remains sharp and more importantly to ensure that your fingers are safe.

Unlike other models that come with a cheap sheath that comes apart within a few times of use, this Ka-Bar 1282 D2 knife  comes with a glass-filled nylon sheath. This ensures that the blade stays sharp and safe. The sheath is well secured with a drawstring and buttons.

More importantly, the sheath comes with various loops and holes that allow you to secure it in various tactical webbings, combat harness, and belts. This means whether you look forward to carrying it either vertically or horizontally, this model suits your needs perfectly. Additionally, the sheaths are made in the USA under strict regulations to ensure enhanced protection for the knife and safety for the user.

✔Impressive flexibility 

Having been crafted by one of the most popular knife brands, the Kar-Bar 1282 extreme fighting knife offers you a leg up your competition. As mentioned earlier, this high-end knife is designed to help you overcome your enemies at combat and survive in the wilderness. Consequently, you will find it perfectly balanced to meet your needs.

Speaking of balance, this unit comes with a sensible weight and a balanced length making it ideal for cutting and stabbing. At the same time, this unit comes with a comfortable handle that ensures flexibility that enables you to tackle various tough applications with ease. Besides combat, the knife serves you well when it comes to gutting small game or fish. Even better, it feels agile and light in hand.

  • Constructed using extremely solid materials for enhanced performance
  • The D2 steel blade retains a sharp edge for prolonged periods
  • Great for combat, survival as well as numerous outdoor activities
  • Comes with a solid Kraton G material handle that is well balanced, nonslip and durable
  • Slightly heavy and large for people looking for a small pocket knife

Ka-Bar 1282 D2 Extreme Fighting Knife FAQs

what are the overall dimensions for the Kar-Bar 1282 D2 fighting knife?

This knife has a flat blade that is 7 inches long and 11. 875 inches overall length

Besides combat, is this knife ideal for outdoor use?

Absolutely, this knife is cleverly engineered for combat, survival and all outdoor activities

Does the knife have a full tang?

The knife has a full tang and a partly serrated blade

Our Verdict

Overall, the Kar-Bar 1282 D2 extreme fighting knife is a solid choice that fulfills its purpose incredibly well. The solid construction ensures a dependable service for years while the tough blade makes it applicable for not its core use but also ideal for survival as well as outdoor activities. In the same breath, the solid sheath will not only keep the blade in optimal performance but also keeps the user hands safe.

TheKa-Bar 1282 D2 also comes with a powdered metal butt cap that helps in hammering as well as other tough applications. Overall, the ergonomic design combined with exquisite performance appeals to anyone looking for a dedicated knife that is applicable for multi-use.

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