Ontario BlackBird SK-5 Knife Review &Buyer’s Guide

With so many great knives to choose from, picking the best knife for survival might seem hectic. The decision is tricky since there are many features that you will need to think about. For this reason, we have gone through the multitudes of survival knives available online and handpicked this highly rated model. We are talking about the Ontario blackbird SK-5 knife. So what makes has made so many outdoor enthusiasts and knife collectors fall in love with this model. Let’s have a look.


Before looking at the benefits that come with this model, let’s discuss some of the things that warmed our hearts when it comes to this model. To begin with, it is hard to find a knife that enables you to process animals and wood. Remember, a survival knife is all about enabling you to tackle the challenges.


And one of the prevalent dangers is not having the capability to fend for you. This knife is designed to allow you to find food and get enough firewood to cook the food or keep yourself warm. Moreover, did you know that the SK initials on the knives title represent Survival Knife? Now that you are aware, let us look at some of the features that make this model a solid survival knife. 

Ontario BlackBird SK-5 Knife

Highlighted Features:

  • Blade material and length: 154 CM stainless steel, 5 inches long
  • Overall length: 10 inches
  • Weight:2 ounces
  • Handle:Green Micarta or Black
  • Blade thickness: 0.138 inches
  • Blade type: Full tang

Features and Benefits of Ontario BlackBird SK-5 Knife

Solid handle for enhanced flexibility

The Ontario Blackbird SK-5 is a well-made survival/outdoor knife that boast of a solid handle to ensure optimal performance and durability. The handle has a solid feel in hand boosting both your flexibility and comfort. It has six stainless steel screws that secure the handle firmly on the knife’s tang. To prevent the handle from becoming loose, the handle has a triple anchor. This makes it withstand abuse when undertaking strenuous activities such as batoning.

When it comes to the ergonomics, the handle has a well-rounded design that provides a firm and comfortable grip. The handle feels solid and smooth on the hand to prevent blisters or hot spots that tend to form after handling the knife for extended periods.

Non slip design  ensures a firm grip

The Blackbird SK-5 knife comes with a finger groove as well as a protruding guard that ensures that your fingers meet the sharp blade. On the other hand, this model comes with a leveled pommel across the bottom and positioned in a perpendicularly to the blade. With this design, the knife is readily adapted to sapling and crafting.

Additionally, the leveled flat pommel also offers a large surface area allowing you to perform light-duty tasks with much ease. Moreover, this model has a lanyard slot that offers a convenient anchor point to attach the parachute cord to use it as a wrist leash. This makes it easy to attach or remove the cord with ease.

Advanced blade design 

As expected the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 has a high-end blade that is tough enough to withstand tough applications such as cutting wood, plastic, meat, etc. the blade is crafted from American steel that has blends toughness, corrosion resistance and impressive edge retaining ability. Another great feature that comes with this model is the fact that the blade is long enough to serve various purposes.

With a 5 inches length, the 154CM steel blade delivers a great blend of balance, solid performance, and endurance even after heavy usage. Next, the spine curves gently to meet the tip of the knife, making a super sharp spear point. This delivers excellent point strength, making it easy to stab tough materials. Additionally, the design enhances the blade’s durability, as it is far less prone to breakage and tip snapping. The design also offers a comfortable place to rest your thumb when dealing with detailed carving tasks.

Well balanced  blade with  center lined tip

Another great feature is the center-lined tip. Unlike most knives that have the tip positioned on either side, this model has the tip positioned in the middle of the blade. This makes it efficient when it comes to drilling materials. Side tips often because a fanning effect that usually leads to inconsistency when it comes to drilling.

Notably, this model also features a full tapper grind that ensures that the cutting angle is as thin as possible, allowing it to cut through various materials with much ease. Some of the other great features worth noting about the blade include a flat ground edge that prolongs its edge retaining while still making it intuitive to sharpen.

Additionally, we love the smooth spine that feels comfortable to touch. The smooth spine was intentional as a texture or contours may make it hard for you to use the thumb when dealing with intricate carving, as it doesn’t lead to any blisters. Besides, the blade maintains a simple straight design that is easy to clean and sharpen using a simple sharpening kit.

Molle compatible sheath

Additionally, this  the knife remains secure wherever you place it thanks to the high-end sheath. This Molle compatible sheath comes with a single strap on its back that makes it easy to attach to various Molle equipments including backpacks and tactical vests. Next, the unit comes with an integrated belt loop to allow you to wear it on the hip for individuals who prefer a more traditional belt mounted configuration.

This is not all, the sheath comes with a tough protective insert that offers enhanced protection from any damage at the same time keeping the users from injuries in case the knife falls or hard impact. What’s more, this unit comes with a drain hole that is conveniently placed just below the knife’s tip. This ensures any water drains easily in the event the knife is submerged.

  • Tough construction makes it a dependable survival knife
  • Lightweight, and easy to carry thanks to the provided sheath
  • Completely wear and corrosion resistance construction
  • While this unit is designed as a survival knife, it serves well as a multipurpose knife
  • Some find it a bit small especially if you are used to a large bladed knife

Ontario BlackBird SK-5 Knife FAQs

Is this knife foldable?

No, this is a fixed blade knife but comes with a handy sheath

How does the sheath look?

Well, there are various sheaths. However, this model pairs a pouch designed sheath with Molle webs to allow for easy attachment

What is the handle made of?

the handle is made from tough Micarta materials and is textured to ensure a non-slip performance

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Our Verdict

We recommend the Ontario Blackbird SK-5  knife to any outdoor enthusiasts or other hobbyists that need a survival knife. This knife is crafted from high-end materials to ensure superior toughness, corrosion resistance, as well as above-average edge retaining ability. We also live a well-rounded, ergonomic handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip. Moreover, the Molle compatible sheath also makes it easy to attach to your tactical gear backpacks as well as traditional belt mount configuration.

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