SOG EDC tactical folding knife Review & Buyer's Guide

SOG EDC tactical folding knife Review & Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to getting a tactical knife, it is paramount to find a knife that delivers the best performance. This means that you need a knife that is useful for various functions, not just being portable. The SOG EDC tactical folding knife excels in both versatility and portability. Having been designed by a popular brand, you can also expect superior performance and durability.


Right out of the box, this knife hits you with a modern and tactical design. It features a solid look with lots of contours as well as interesting aesthetics. With that said, let us look for other interesting features that make you fall in love with the SOG EDC tactical folding knife.


SOG EDC Tactical Folding Knife Review


Key Features:

  • Blade material and length:VG-10 stainless steel blade, 3.5 inches long
  • Overall length:37 inches
  • Weight:0 oz
  • Handle: Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon
  • Closed length: 4.87
  • Locking mechanism: Arc-Lock

Features and Benefits of SOG EDC tactical folding knife

Advanced Tanto Blade

The Vulcan tactical knife features a premium V10 stainless steel blade. The steel is hardened and layered to bring the best combinations of corrosion resistance and edge retention. We really loved the blade geometry especially the tanto design that is quite pronounced. When you hold the knife and squint, it resembles a solid clip point. With the exquisitely designed blade and super sharp tip, you can expect it to penetrate well even when dealing with overly tough materials.

As expected with most models from this brand, the tip has a steep angle while the slight wedge that reaches the ricasso makes the blade sturdy. Notably, this blade has a flat ground front and a thumb rise that has a few cuts for enhanced performance. Another great feature we love  in the SOG EDC tactical folding knife is the thumb rise that is conveniently placed to ensure precise cuts. Additionally, the satin finish gives the blade an attractive look at the same time enhancing its performance.

Solid, ergonomic handle

The handle plays a major role in determining how a pocketknife feels. Luckily, the SOG EDC tactical folding knife brings you a well-textured and ergonomically designed handle. This improves your flexibility and comfort. The handle is made from Zytel, which is actually a fiberglass material that is reinforced using nylon. Notably, the handle also has steel liner reinforcement that ensures that the knife’s tang is well secured.

In terms of feel, the handle feels pretty solid and comfortable. The ingenious design makes it feel comfortable in both small and large hands. As you probably know, fiberglass is light in weight and its strength is improved by integrating the nylon. This makes the handle indestructible and comfortable. This reduces hand fatigue especially when you are using the knife for strenuous tasks for an extended period.

In the same breath, the handle has a rough yet soft texture that makes it non-slip to ensure a firm and secure grip. More importantly, the soft feel and ergonomic design prevent the formation of blisters on your hands, especially when using the knife for extended periods.

Handy, durable clip

A pocket knife is incomplete without a clip. This feature makes it easy to attach to your combat or survival kits. The SOG EDC tactical folding knife will not disappoint when it comes to this feature. It features a well-secured clip into the handle to ensure a seamless look at the same time versatility when it comes to portability. While the clip has a simplistic design, it is well anchored to ensure that it doesn’t get loose with time.

Additionally, this is a stainless steel clip. Therefore, you can expect a solid performance thanks to its impressive corrosion resistance. The clip has a low profile design so that it doesn’t compromise your comfort when holding the handle. Hardly will you notice it when holding the knife, improving your comfort and flexibility.

Secure arch lock system

Another intricate feature we love in this model is the arc lock system. Unlike other models, this lock is rated to handle over 1000 lbs force. This ensures a secure closure that you can depend on. As expected, this lock is tight. However, it is surprisingly to easy to use. With the premium lock, you will be definitely satisfied when it comes to your safety. The lock ensures that the knife remains closed securely.

Better still, the lock is simple to disengage when the need arises. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having to deal with a stuck blade. Additionally, most people who have purchased this model have reported the lock to be very ambidextrous which is great. The only minor setback is that the clip is not reversible. Otherwise, everything performs, as you need it to.

Easy Deployment

As mentioned, despite the secure lock, deploying the SOG EDC tactical folding knife is incredibly easy. This is facilitated by the fact that it features different deployment methods. As usual, there is the usual thumb stud that feels easy to use, a flipper that generates enough force to deploy the blade and the arc lock disengaging buttons. All these methods will get the blade out within no time. Therefore, the choice is yours. Just try out the methods and find the one that works great for you.

  • Solid, flexible, and ergonomic tactical knife that serves your needs perfectly
  • It features a superior arc lock closure to ensure optimal safety
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle ensures a firm grip
  • It features easy several methods to deploy the blade
  • The pocket clip fades after lengthy use

SOG EDC tactical folding knife FAQs

The blade does not only feel solid but comfortable too.

The knife weighs about 5.0 oz and is 8.37 inches when the blade is deployed


Our verdict

Engineered to be powerful yet powerful, the SOG ECD tactical folding knife cuts like butter while its exquisite locks keep it securely closed for enhanced safety. We love the substantial VG10 steel blade, which is wicked sharp and hold an edge for prolonged periods. Thanks to the fast blade deployment, this knife proves useful in various outdoor activities, tactical as well as survival situations. Moreover, the compact, lightweight, and handy clip makes it easy to carry this knife everywhere.

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