Zero Tolerance 0450CF Folding Knife Review & Buyer’s Guide

From fierce combat mission to outdoor survival, the Zero tolerance 0450CF folding knife brings you impeccable convenience, strength, and efficiency. Boasting of a general-purpose design, this knife is great for camping, hunting, utility, as well as other outdoor activities.


The knife brings you top of the line quality and performance thanks to its sizeable blade and slim design which makes it great for everyday use. Moreover, this model is proudly designed to suit people who love adventure. Enough sweet-talk; let us look at some of the other features that make this model a highly sought after knife amongst collectors and outdoor enthusiasts.

Zero Tolerance 0450CF Folding Knife

Highlighted Features:
Blade material and length: CPM S35VN, 3.25 inches long
Overall length: 7.375 inches
Weight: 2.9 ounces
Handle: 6AL4V Titanium
Closed length: 4.125 inches
Locking mechanism: Frame lock

Features and Benefits of Zero Tolerance 0450CF Folding Knife

Cleverly designed blade

The blade makes or breaks a knife; obviously, a model with a cheaply made blade offers a substandard service. Luckily, with the Zero Tolerance 0450CF folding knife, you can expect a service that you can rely on for an extended period. This model boasts of a premium quality and high-performance S350V stainless steel re-curve blade to ensure efficiency in slicing and stabbing various materials.

Unlike the regular steel blade, the S350V stainless steel is hardened to ensure extreme durability, wear resistance, as well as corrosion resistance. This means you can expect a long-lasting service. Even better, this is an all-round blade making it an excellent choice for small pocket knives as it offers great edge retention, good balance, and toughness. Additionally, the blade has a decent length and lightweight design making it compact yet practical to use for various activities.

Excellent Handle and Ergonomics

When it comes to most folding knives, the handle length is rarely a perfect since. Remember, the handle houses the blade when the knife is folded. This means that the handle should fit the blade well while still ensuring a comfortable grip when using the knife. For us, the ZT 0450CF knife performed really well in both these attributes. The handle is cleverly designed to ensure a perfect balance between performance and portability.

The handle is crafted as a reinforced polymer that consists of tightly woven carbon fibers. Some of the great features that make carbon fiber stand out are the fact that it is incredibly strong yet super light in weight. Thanks to the tough properties, the handle has tremendous resistance to corrosion and wear. Additionally, the woven carbon fiber leaves a rough surface, which ensures improved non-slip performance. This will boost your comfort and flexibility when using the knife.

Fast Deployment and Lockup

One of the main disadvantages that come with folding knives is issues with the locking and unlocking mechanism. Dealing with a stuck blade is a major inconvenience, as it would lend the knife unusable when you need it. However, with the Zero Tolerance 0450CF, you don’t have to deal with these issues. First, this model takes pride in its fast deployment mechanism.

Also, you don’t have one option but two easy ways to deploy the blade. You can use the push button on the flipper tab or press the switch conveniently placed on the handle to unlock the blade. The fast deployment is made possible by its patented KVT ball-bearing system. The bearing is dialed in the detent to ensure fast and efficient blade deployment.

However, this knife requires flipper tab jimping because the locking mechanism is quite strong. Moreover, the locking mechanism is quite fast and secure. This applies to when the knife is folded and when deployed. Notably, once the blade is deployed it locks in place automatically.

Other notable features

When compared with other models in the ZT folding knives series, the ZT 0450CF comes with a relatively low price. This is often facilitated by its simplistic look. However, the simple design doesn’t mean that this model falls short when it comes to performance. Interestingly, this model also comes with impressive features that you will find on high-end models.

To start, we love the satin finish that improves overall corrosion and scratch resistance. Second, the knife comes in a compact design while still offering a decent blade length that allows for quick slicing through tough materials. Moreover, the balance was dead on; the knife feels solid in hand offering you the flexibility you need to tackle various applications.

  • The knife comes with a durable blade and a quick deployment
  • It has a solid handle that offers a non-slip grip and enhanced comfort
  • Simple, efficient, durable, and great value for money
  • Well-balanced design makes it practical to use for various applications
  • Some find it too simple but it delivers decent performance

Zero Tolerance 0450CF Folding Knife FAQs

Is this knife sturdy enough to use in a salty water environment.

Well the knife is made from tough, corrosion-resistant materials meaning it can offer a decent performance even in salty water environments.

Is the knife too heavy to carry in a jacket pocket or women purse?

At 2.9 ounces, you will not even notice that you are carrying it

How does the handle feel?

Unlike other models, this knife has a solid handle that provides a solid grip for enhanced flexibility

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Our verdict

With a sleek, stylish look and solid performance, the Zero tolerance 0450CF folding knife is an excellent gentleman’s knife oozing with efficiency and durability. Most of the people who have purchased this model are impressed by its performance thanks to the multipurpose design. We love the fact that you can use the knife practically anywhere. From camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities to tactical combat, this pocketknife serves you well.

With a quad mount pocket clip, you can carry Zero Tolerance 0450CF knife on your right or left hand, tip-down, or tip-up. Ideal EDC knife this easy folding pocket is a perfect pick for everyday tasks. Moreover, its compact and lightweight design enables you to bring it wherever you go.

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