Zero Tolerance 0452cf Pocket Knife Review | Buyer’s Guide

Zero Tolerance 0452CF Pocket Knife

You are going to enjoy working with the Zero Tolerance 0452CF pocketknife. Notably, thanks to the advanced features, this solid folding knife is designed to handle heavy work. For most people, it serves as an everyday carry knife as well as a tactical knife. One of the features that stood out in this model is the Speed Safe assisted opening system that allows for one-hand opening.

Additionally, it comes in a well-balanced yet lightweight design making it a great pick for outdoor enthusiasts, first responders, electricians, as well as knife collectors.

Key Features:
Blade material and lengthS35VN dual-finished blade., 4.1 inches long
Overall length9.27inches
Weight4.6 ounces
HandleCarbon Fiber with Titanium Back Scales
Closed length5.17inches
Locking mechanismFrame Lock

Features and Benefits of Zero Tolerance 0452CF Pocket Knife

Sturdy yet compact blade

Similar to its compact sibling the ZT 0450, the ZT 0452 is a compact ZT0454 version. This makes it a perfect pick for individuals who are looking for a midsized folding knife that they can use in everyday use. This model comes with a drop point CPM-S35VN blade that offers superb performance when it comes to slicing hard materials as well as performing other general tasks. The blade measures about 3.4 inches, which is decent when it comes to handling everyday tasks indoors or outdoors.

Next, the blade features a satin finish, which boosts its weather resistance. The finish offers superior protection against corrosion and everyday wear and tear. The finish also reduces evidence of scratches and stains on the blade. Moreover, this smooth finish reduces friction force, allowing the blade to cut as smooth as butter.

Ergonomic handle

Next, this model comes with a practical design and enhanced detailing; giving a clean look that you will fall in love with instantly. The handle is made from reinforced carbon strands that are tightly woven to ensure a tremendous strong yet lightweight handle. With strong weaves of bonded carbon fiber, you can expect a solid performance for years. Better still, the carbon materials are super lightweight, reducing the overall weight.

Another notable feature of the carbon fiber material is the superior corrosion and wear resistance. This means you can ensure optimal performance for a long period. As you would expect, the handle features a rough texture that ensures a firm grip even when working in wet conditions. Additionally, the handle is ergonomically designed so that it feels comfortable and lightweight on your hand. What’s more, the premium material still manages to maintain a sleek and stylish design that complements the look of the blade.

Optimal locking mechanism

The Zero Tolerance 0452 folding knife also features a premium-locking mechanism, which ensures fast, smooth blade deployment and secure locking. This model comes with caged ball bearings that allow for a smooth blade deployment whenever a need arises. Unlike the mediocre blade deployment system, this unit features a ball-bearing opening system that you can utilize easily using one hand.

One of the advantages of the ball bearing system is that they rotate freely to rotate around a pivot. This means by applying only small effort on the thumb studs or flipper, the blade shoots out of the handle smoothly and quickly.

Additionally, this model boasts a sturdy locking mechanism that ensures safe, sturdy, and secure blade locking. This means you never have to worry about the blade unlocking unless you want it to. For this reason, you can carry the knife confidently in your jacket, pant pockets, purse, or backpack.

In terms of performance, the locking mechanism features two metal plates that are housed by the handle. These plates are placed on each side of the blade and when you lock the blade, a sturdy pin gets in-between. This ensures that the blade is secured safely. Next, once you press the thumb studs or use the flipper, the blade deploys smoothly and locks in place to prevent premature locking.

Convenient Pocket clip

Additionally, the zero Tolerance 0452cf  knife has a convenient pocket clip that allows for easy carry from one place to the other. First, this model uses the same materials used in the manufacture of the blade to create this pocket clip. This ensures premium performance for years.

Subsequently, the pocket clip has a steel pin, which attaches it to the knife’s handle and tang. This ensures that it doesn’t come loose after some time. In the same breath, the clip has a reversible design that allows you to carry the knife in various tip positions. Last but not least, we love the flipper that requires minimal strength to deploy the knife. True we had mentioned this but what really makes this unit stand out is once the blade is deployed, it acts as a finger guard to prevent your hands from coming into contact with the blade when in use.

This is particularly useful especially for inexperienced users as well as people who are looking for a model they can use for strenuous activities. What’s more, the ambidextrous flipper is just one of the ways to deploy the blade. You may also use thumb studs. With these two options, you get to choose the mechanism that suits your needs best.

  • It comes with a tough S35VN steel blade with impressive edge chipping resistance and an attractive finish
  • Fitted with a secure locking system with speed safe technology to ensure fast blade deployment
  • Features an ergonomic and sturdy carbon fiber handle
  • A great pick for wilderness guides, hunters, and military and survival experts
  • Feels somewhat big for people used to compact pocket knives

Zero Tolerance 0452CF Pocket Knife FAQs

Q. Can you sharpen it with an electric sharpener?

Yes, this model accepts both traditional and modern electric sharpeners.

Q.Is the locking mechanism secure?

with an advanced locking mechanism, you don’t have to worry about unintentional unlocking

Q.What is the handle made of?

The ZT 0452 knife comes with a solid carbon fiber handle

Our Verdict

The Zero Tolerance 0452CF Pocket Knife is an award-winning pocketknife that is a result of corroboration between the famous ZT brand and Dmitry Sinkevich, which is a custom knife designer. This amazing pocketknife comes with all the features you need. Even better, the features are customized to meet your unique needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a safe, more convenient, and sturdy pocketknife you can use in a variety of situations, these models might be your best bet.

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